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Birth Package

  • Two prenatal visits to get to know you and then determine the best ways to help. Each visit is approximately one hour long.
  • A printed hospital friendly birth plan tailored to your needs.
  • Support throughout all of labor.
  • Advocating for you and your wishes at the place you give birth.
  • Providing thorough, around the clock phone and email support throughout your pregnancy to answer any questions you have and encourage you.
  • Access to all of my informational materials on pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.
  • Breastfeeding help (if needed/applicable).
  • Referrals to trusted community resources i.e. chiropractors, support groups, parenting classes, lactation consultants.
  • A postpartum visit to see how your adjusting to your new baby. We can troubleshoot any problems you are experiencing if necessary.

Prenatal Special

This is a unique service I provide for clients. The prenatal special is a one time, one hour long, meeting done before childbirth. This is an ideal opportunity for a mother to speak with someone trained and knowledgeable about childbirth, but in a casual context and setting. The prenatal special includes phone and email support during the two days following the meeting. This gives the mother time to ask questions, receive answers, and get more comfortable with birth. During this time we can talk about comfort measures during labor, fears, postpartum care, pros and cons of different interventions, and community resources. I will provide evidence based information through printed papers, email links, and referrals. This special is makes a great gift for anyone you know who is expecting. It’s affordable, quick, convenient, and helpful. Call today for more information.


The standard pricing for the Birth Package is 450 dollars. 

The prenatal Special costs 65 dollars.

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